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  • Demanding What's Right.

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Work. Work. Work.

Some of us love it, some do not.
Some define our whole life by it,
Some do it for extra money,
Some to thrive, but most to survive.


Some live to work,
But many work to live.
To eat, to feed and clothe our children or grandchildren,
Or to care for our ailing or aging parents.


It is a right, plain and simple.
A fundamental right.
Including our right to work for fair pay in a decent workplace.
Free of illegal treatment,
Harassment, discrimination or abuse.
Whether temporarily sick or injured, disabled, or in times of good health.


When these rights are violated,
When work conditions become too hard or unbearable,
You may need help.
When loss of work leaves you in great need or despair,
You need a helping hand. A voice.

Your Voice.

I can help you find your voice.
I can be your advocate while you recover and fight back.

Our Voice.

As a Maryland employment attorney, for 30 years I have fought that tough battle for workplace fairness. I have helped resolve disputes for thousands of folks from all jobs, trades, callings, and professions, for people of all races, ages, backgrounds and abilities. From preserving and improving working conditions; to fighting in the halls of justice; to navigating health challenges in an uncooperative workplace; to stopping sexual or racial harassment; to forging good contracts up front or negotiating favorable severance terms or non-compete agreements on the way out.

Whatever path we chart for your individual circumstances, I can be your coach, your mediator, your fighter.

Your Voice.

Just let me hear from you and let's get to work.

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Helping Give A Voice, Demanding What's Right.