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Maryland Employment Attorney

You are entitled to work for full and fair pay in a decent workplace, where your value is based squarely on the quality of your performance. You also are entitled to be in a workplace free from discrimination, harassment, illegal treatment or wrongful discharge . As a Maryland employment attorney, I can assist you in dealing with workplace problems or wrongdoing. I can help you to stop the wrongdoing, hold the employer accountable, and get compensation for what you have endured. The fear of retaliation or worsening conditions may be a concern, but together, we can work to manage that as well. So whatever you are facing, I can help to ensure you are treated fairly in the workplace.

As a Baltimore employment attorney, I can help with the following legal issues:

Contract Issues Continue Reading

Contract Issues "I can help you negotiate fair employment-related contracts, including employment agreements, non-compete agreements, or severance agreements, to help you maximize your position and work or transition to new employment from a position of strength."

Wrongful Termination Continue Reading

Wrongful termination - While Maryland employers can hire and fire employees at will, that does not mean they can fire them for discriminatory reasons or for reasons that violate public policy. If you are wrongfully terminated, I can help you get compensation or get your job back.

Discrimination Continue Reading

Discrimination "As one of the most respected Baltimore discrimination lawyers, I have extensive experience and expertise in the following areas:"

Sexual Harassment Continue Reading

Sexual Harassment - I work to protect and fight back for victims of sexual harassment so they can work to their fullest in a fair and healthy workplace. As a Maryland sexual harassment attorney, I help clients fight for their rights before the EEOC, Marylands Commission on Civil Rights or in the courts.

Gender Continue Reading

Gender "Title VII and Maryland anti-discrimination law prohibit gender discrimination, including sexual harassment. I can help you get compensation for your damages or get your job back, where appropriate."

Race Continue Reading

Race - Racial discrimination and harassment also are prohibited under Maryland anti-discrimination law, Title VII, and other potent federal statutes. Employers are barred from discriminating in the terms, conditions and privileges of your employment, including in hiring, discipline, promotion, or firing.

Disability Continue Reading

Disability - As a Maryland employment attorney, I can help you understand your rights under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), Maryland anti-discrimination law, and the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA). I can help you deal with mistreatment during times of injury, illness or disability.

Age Continue Reading

Age - The Age Discrimination in Employment Act (ADEA) protects workers over age 40. I can help age-protected workers when employers violate the ADEA.

National Origin Continue Reading

National origin - National origin discrimination is also prohibited by Maryland anti-discrimination law and Title VII.

Religion Continue Reading

Religion - Employers cannot discriminate on the basis of religion and under certain circumstances they must accommodate religious beliefs or practices. If your employer fails to accommodate or discriminates against you, I can help.

Sexual Orientation Continue Reading

Sexual orientation - As a Maryland employment attorney, I can help those treated unfairly based on their sexual orientation using Maryland's anti-discrimination law.

Pregnancy Continue Reading

Pregnancy - Discrimination on the basis of pregnancy is prohibited by federal and state law as well. I can help those who are victims of pregnancy discrimination.

Genetic Information Continue Reading

Genetic information As a Maryland employment attorney, I can help you to fight against unfair treatment under recently enacted state and federal laws protecting you in the workplace based on your genetic information.

Government Employment Issues Continue Reading

Government employment issues - Special protections apply to public sector employment. I can help you to understand and enforce your rights as a public employee.

Law Enforcement, Firefighter & Paramedic Employment Issues Continue Reading

Law enforcement, firefighter & paramedic employment issues - It is a central mission of my practice to protect the rights of our committed first responders. I am here to help you fight for your rights if your employer violates the law.

Kathleen Cahill, Maryland Employment Lawyer

Employment law issues are complex and require careful individualized attention from an experienced Maryland employment lawyer. Contact me today if you need help from a Maryland employment attorney.

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