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    Baltimore, Maryland Non-Compete Attorney

Baltimore Non-Compete Lawyer

Weigh Your Options Before Signing

We all want to be free to work where we choose without constraint. If you are confronted with the constraints of a non-compete provision in an employment agreement or a freestanding non-compete agreement, I can assist in assessing and weighing all options and maximizing your position.

Non-compete provisions can be tremendously problematic and should never be underestimated. In fact, the courts in Maryland often interpret them as binding and significantly constraining your future employment opportunities. It is critical to not hurriedly sign a non-compete agreement "as is" and to resist buying into the myth that they are unenforceable and do not matter. So call me early and I can advise you of the law that controls and the manner in which seemingly convoluted language threatens your right to work free of constraints.

Strategically Negotiate a Fair Agreement or Avoid it Altogether

Let's work together to get it right from the outset at the time of the offer of employment, potentially avoiding a non-compete agreement altogether or at least negotiating strategic refinements to “sculpt" the provision to make it fair to you. Or if your employer suddenly confronts you with a non-compete during the course of your employment, we can react immediately to analyze, negotiate, and try to avoid it or at least limit the adverse impact.

Have an Experienced Litigator on Your Side

If you encounter a non-compete provision in a severance agreement, we need to strive to level the playing field to enable you to move on and thrive in your next venture. And ultimately, in the event you need to fight a non-compete provision or a non-compete agreement in the courts, as an experienced, tenacious Maryland non-compete attorney, I stand ready to undertake that critical battle with you to fight back and get it right.

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