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Maryland Sexual Harassment Attorney

As a Maryland sexual harassment attorney, I have been successfully fighting sexual harassment for my clients for decades. By counseling employees on options and approaches, I strive to protect victims of sexual harassment so they can work to their fullest in a fair and healthy workplace, and to fight back when that right is illegally denied them. By carefully assessing the client's individual circumstances, we work together to craft the best plan for achieving that goal. Some employees are able to use internal complaint or dispute resolution procedures, while remaining in the workplace. But where that is not appropriate or viable, we file charges with the federal EEOC or Maryland's Commission on Civil Rights, and we may ultimately take the fight to the courts when that becomes necessary.

Take Legal Action with the Help of a Baltimore Sexual Harassment Attorney

As a Baltimore sexual harassment attorney, I represent clients facing all forms of sexual harassment.

Sexual harassment is unwanted, unwelcome sexual misconduct that is severe or pervasive, rendering working conditions intolerable. Sexual harassment most often entails an ongoing course of conduct that creates a hostile work environment in which one should not be expected to work. In most cases, the treatment has been going on over some period of time, until the atmosphere in the workplace rises to a level that it is considered illegal to require someone to continue to work under such adverse conditions.

In some cases, the offensive treatment might be a violation of company policy, but not rise the level of a violation the law. If your employer has a sexual harassment policy in place, in most instances the misconduct should be reported and the company is required to take appropriate action. If the appropriate remedies are implemented, the client may not have to consider utilizing external legal options at all because the misconduct is stopped.

In my judgment, one of the most valuable roles I can fulfill as a Maryland sexual harassment attorney is to assist in remedying a situation internally so that the client can keep her job and move toward more normalcy in the workplace. For example, if a client seeks my help in the early stages of a sexual harassment situation, we may be able to make the most significant difference by working together behind the scenes to change the response of the employer to the behavior of the harasser; and perhaps, we may ultimately be able to preserve my client's employment status and her financial and mental well-being.

In circumstances involving a single extreme act, such as an offensive sexual touching, our analysis is different. Swift pursuit of sexual harassment claims may be the best approach. However, where acts occur that might rise to the level of criminal violations, it is important also to consider promptly pursuing criminal charges. I can assist with that challenging process also.

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As a Baltimore sexual harassment attorney, I can assist you in a careful assessment of your options and in determining what action you can take to preserve your employment, or in obtaining full compensation and justice in full. Please give me a call today so I can help.

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