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Contract Issues

Obtain the Legal Protections You Need

Employment-related agreements should be mutually negotiated contracts, not imposed contracts. Employment contracts or employment agreements are best crafted and interpreted with the help of an experienced attorney. The employer certainly is using a lawyer and the initial terms of the employment agreement likely favor the employer. Whether you are an executive, a physician, in sales, science, or innovation, it is critical to have the employment agreement reviewed and analyzed to ensure you are obtaining the protections you need.

Employment Contracts in Maryland

In striving for a fair employment contract, let me help you level the playing field and craft terms that serve your needs by negotiating from an informed and strong position. As a team, let's get what you need etched into the employment agreement from the outset so that you are ensured meaningful protection and can focus on working productively with security.

Severance Agreements

As well, if you are leaving employment and seek a severance agreement or need to enhance an employer's offered severance agreement, as a Baltimore and Maryland employment contract lawyer, I can assist in analyzing the severance agreement and shaping a plan and a negotiation to enhance your benefits and maximize your outcome. In the event you are uncertain whether to accept an offered severance, I can work with you to assess and weigh all options, so that you can make the best choice going forward.

Let's Work Together

If you are confronted with the constraints of a non-compete provision in an employment agreement or a separate non-compete agreement, I can assist in maximizing your position and assessing and weighing all options. Non-compete provisions can be problematic under Maryland law, and the courts often interpret them as binding and constraining your future employment opportunities.

So call me early and let's work together to get it right up front, so you are free to work where you choose without constraint. In the event you need to fight a non-compete provision or a non-compete agreement in the courts, as an experienced litigator I stand ready to undertake that important battle with you as well.

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